Fighting segregation

The question of areas with concentration of deprivation and difficulties, in which new poverty are arising, with the risk of gettoization and social exclusion represent more and more a crucial aspect both for social housing operator and for policy-makers.

The answer to the mentioned problem can derive from ‘social mix’ policies. The terms social mix, or socioeconomic mix, can refer to a mixing of people in a given space (country, region, city, neighborhood, housing estate) on the basis of diverse or different: social classes or socioeconomic statuses; social categories, e.g. ethnicity, disability; stages in their life cycles, e.g. younger, older; or household or family types.

Interest in promoting more socially diverse population in neighbourhoods has been primarily focused on areas of public housing, and is now leading to a growing interest in how to produce effective policies responses.

The recent Joint report of social inclusion and social protection of the European Commission shows that social mix policies are often seen by Member States as the most effective way to fight housing exclusion and segregation (see related document)

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