Housing for all

We have the vision of a Europe that provides access to decent and affordable housing for all in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and where all are enabled to reach their full potential.

Right to housing

The right to adequate housing is a universal right, is recognized at the international level and in more than one hundred national constitutions throughout the world. Nevertheless, millions of European citizens suffered from an absence of housing or unaffordable and bad-quality housing.

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Since housing costs represent a major proportion of living costs, the absence of affordable housing has a significant upward impact on the cost of living.

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Ageing & housing

The population of the European Union is ageing and the over 65 represent 17% of the total European population with estimation to growth to 44% by 2050. The provision of "flexible" and accessible homes which can allow tenants to remain independent within their own homes and to actively participate in economic, social and cultural life has long been at the center of the work of social housing organizations in the EU.

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Disabilities & housing

If disabled people are to actively participate in economic, social and cultural life, it is essential that they be provided with accessible accommodation and support services to allow them to remain independent within their own homes and maximize their potential.

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Integration of migrants

Integration of migrants remains high on the political agenda, especially as the economic crisis is affecting first the recent migrants and provoking tensions between communities.

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Housing and Health Inequalities

People's health strongly depends on their living environment. The WHO has recognized that inadequate housing can be at the root of many diseases. Many times, housing inequalities translate into health inequalities. Therefore, ensuring decent housing conditions for all should be part of any public health policy.

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